Zetor Proxima Plus


Proxima tractors are universal wheeled farm tractors specificaly designed for wor king with agricultural implements, industrial aggregates and for agricultural transport.

  • excellent price-to-power ratio
  • declared power
  • long service life
  • ideal power-to-weight ratio
  • agile and versatile
  • universal
  • time-proven design
  • low fuel and oil consumption
  • simplicity
  • variability of the range

Unlike other Proxima models, Proxima Plus tractors have greater engine power and a more modern gearbox design for more effective work.



Technical Parameters

MODEL 90 100 110
Stage III B Type 1206 1006 1306
Homologated Power (kW)
64,3 70,3 78,4
Homologated Power (HP)(2000/25/EC) 87 96 106
Rated Speed (rpm) 2,200
Number of Cylinders 4
Number of Valves 16
Aspiration Turbocharger
Bore/Stroke (mm) 105/120
Displacement (cm³) 4,156
Cooling Viscous fan clutch
Max. Torque (Nm) (2000/25/EC) 370 429 461
Cooling Improvement of torque (%) (ECE R24) 38 46 40
Type Mechanical with 2-stage multiplier, synchro shuttle
Reverses Mechanical shifting, synchronized
Shifting Fully synchronized
Number of Gears (F/R) 16/16
Speed (kph) 40 (30 optional)
Type Independent/dependent, wet multi-plate clutch
Rear PTO Revolutions 540/1000, 540/540E
Front PTO Revolutions 1 000
Max. Power of Front PTO (kW) 60
Type Mechanically controlled – D. M. P.; optional electro-hydraulic control
Three-Point Hitch Category II
Control Mechanical/electronic (optional HitchTronic)
Max. Lift Force (kN) 42
Operating Pressure (MPa) 19
Pump Capacity (l) 50, optional 60
External Offtakes
8+1 (only with electro-hydraulic control), 6+1 or 4+1
Hitches Modular CBM hitch system – multi-stage, quick-adjustable with automatic nozzle and hitch for one-axle trailer
Roof with Hatch Standard 
Seat Zetor seat with pneumatic / mechanical spring mounting
Passenger Seat Standard with safety belt
Steering Wheel Tiltable and telescopic


Drive System 4WD
Steering Hydrostatic
Operating/Parking Brakes Wet disc, hydraulically operated/mechanically operated
Front Brakes Wet disc brakes in wheels
Trailer Brakes 1+2 hose pneumatic (optional hydraulic)
Max. Front Ballast (kg) 466
Max. Rear Wheel Ballast (kg) 270
Tank Volume (l) 150
Front Mudguards Fixed
Heated Mirrors, Rear Defroster Standard
Pre-Wiring for Radio Standard
Operating Weight** (kg) 4,054 - 4,600
Length (mm) 4,827
Width (mm) 2 319
Height (mm) 2 738
Wheelbase (mm) 2,328
Front Wheels*** (mm) 380/85-R24 (14,9 R24) disc
Rear Wheels*** (mm) 460/85-R38 (18,4 R38) disc
  ** Without front and rear ballast
*** Standard wheels; for more options contact your dealer



Proven by generations of users

ZETOR TRACTORS a.s. manufactures the largest number of compression ignition engines in the Czech Republic. This manufacturing tradition dates back to the 1920s.

Zetor tractors do not use power boost, i.e. power available only under certain conditions. Full power is always available regardless of load.

  • Environmentally friendly operation - to meet the most stringent emission limits, our tractors have a diesel particulate filter (DPR).
  • In-house development and manufacture - guaranteed precise workmanship using quality materials.
  • Low consumption - ensures a very low consumption of operating fluids.
  • Mechanical injection pump - reliable and trouble-free operation, long service life.
  • Two balance shafts - reduce vibrations and make the engine run more smoothly.
  • Pressurized oil-cooled piston crowns - increase combustion efficiency and prolong engine life.
  • Optional coolant heater - reduces warm-up time, thus saving fuel.
  • Glow plug in every cylinder (direct combustion engine pre-heating) – guarantees reliable starting at low temperatures.

The exceptional popularity of Zetor engines is based on low fuel consumption, high reliability and simple design – these reward the customer not only with low purchase costs, but also low operating costs and great reliability. The 16-valve engines obtained one of the best evaluations in a stringent test carried out by the German Agricultural Association (DLG). Tractors with these engines therefore rank among the most economical in the market.


A solution for everyone

  • In-house production - control and enforcement of high quality standards.
  • Service life - high-quality and durable materials ensure long service life.
  • Variability of the range - solution tailored to customer’s needs.
  • Gear ratio - optimizes power to weight ratio.
  • Comfort - simple and comfortable shifting.
  • Length - wheelbase length varies depending on model.
  • PTO ground speed - offered as a standard.

Proxima Plus is an option for customers seeking a more modern design, greater power and comfort. This version contains 16/16 speeds with a twostage torque multiplier.


Reliable control at every turn

Zetor was the first to offer the HITCHTRONIC function – a subsequent winner of many awards.

Gearboxes for the Proxima series are manufactured right at the ZETOR TRACTORS a.s. manufacturing facility. Making them in-house enables significant control over quality, design and a considerable variability in the available options. The use of highquality materials ensures great endurance and a long service life.

  • In-house production - control and enforcement of high quality standards.
  • Outer lifting cylinders only - no inner cylinder.
  • Good lifting force curve.
  • Good serviceability.
  • Forks on arm ends - no overhung pin.
  • Lowering control with hydraulic lock function.
  • Sensitive lowering of implements and safe transport.
  • Auxiliary distributor integrated right on the hydraulic top cover.
  • Parts without kick-out have a mechanical slide valve lock in end working positions.
  • Bowden cable controllers with mechanical lock of the “n” position using a moving sleeve.
  • External three-point hitch control with fine arm advancement - increased comfort when mounting implements.


  • Maximum lifting force 42 kN.
  • Hydraulic quick couplers:
    4 (P+ and PW), 3 or 2 or 1 sections
    1 section with kick-out, 3 sections with return valve
  • Mechanical lock in the neutral position of the distributor (sections without the kick-out).
  • Three-point hitch controlled flow rate.
  • Infinite external control of lower link arms.
  • Suction filter at the hydraulic pump intake.
  • Top link sensing (draft control).
  • A ll hydraulic controls are external (including hydraulic distributor).

The Bosch electro-hydraulic system is fitted with the HitchTronic function, a unique system to automatically control the rear three-point hitch. When using this system, there is no need to set up different types of regulation or combinations. Only the implement working depth is set. When the implement attached to the rear three-point hitch reaches the set depth, the control system measures soil resistance, and this value is used as the initial value for the automatic hitch control.

To improve comfort when working with implements, PROXIMA tractors are equipped with up to four hydraulic quick couplers, electro-hydraulic control and the HitchTronic system.


Comfort and room

Cabs have been designed to be convenient, comfortable and safe. They feature plenty of space around the driver and optimum allround visibility. The operator has an excellent view and control over the implements being used. This also includes an unobstructed view of the front loader through the roof hatch.

Control is simple, well-arranged and very intuitive. All controls are always at hand.

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